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Barley Station: Damaged Goods
 "As avid music lovers we find such dedication to
artistic sound and inspired lyrics to be rare in
today's world."

Mr. George Duffy and DR. Rev. Tiffany West

"...where 'After All' got their foot in the door,
'Damaged Goods' should see them push on through."- 5 out of 5 Stars

Rob F. - Leicester Bangs

"Can't find a song on the album that is not good, so definitely 5 stars!"
- Olaf Christiansen - Host of New Country Show

“Rootsy alternative country at its best"
 - Music Dish Journal

"There is so much to like about this
 band, I’m not sure where to start."

"Barley Station's eclectic brand of rock,
country and folk music will give fans of
those genres something to talk about."
 - I Am Entertainment Magazine
Winner of Best Song in Country/Pop Rock - '10 Nights':
"'Textured vocals, evocative lyrics and sublime acoustic
instrumentation make this Country/Pop Rock
song an instant smash."”
— The Akademia, The Akademia Music Awards

Winner of Best Song in Americana/Pop:
'Younger Summer Memories':
"'With whimsical poetic lyrics, exceptional vocals
and tight production, Barley Station delivers this
feel-good Pop Americana anthem with
skill and originality."
The Akademia - The Akademia Music Awards

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