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Feature and Interview 

Feature and interview with Barley Station
 in the New Music Stars of 2015 section
 Greycastle News Corporation

"Barley Station’s award winning song ‘10 NIGHTS’ is already at the top of the radio charts.
A hybrid work of Americana, Pop/Rock, County and Folk, their evocative vocals and mastery
of instrumentation are attracting fans all over the world."

Review of "Double Star" 

Review of the single "Double Star"
by CA Marshall in Starlight Music Magazine
Issue 1  (p.87)

""Double Star" is brilliant in its Immaculate Conception, composition,
and imagery that is evoked when listening but it is also just a small
piece of the pie when you consider the capacity and the quality of
music that the band has already produced and recorded."

Video Will Air On Bongo Boy TV Episode 1057 

Heads up:  Our video for "Younger Summer Memories will premier next week Coast to Coast on "Bongo Boy TV Episode 1057 "What About You".

The Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show series has exclusive national airtime to over 15 million viewers in the USA on 9 major cable companies.  (NBCUniversalComcast, FiOS, CableVision, Time Warner, RCN, AT TUverse, Verizon FiOS, Charter Communications, Suddenlink)

The video will be on Heavy Rotation on 33 TV channels.
This will be on permanent broadcast times in Nashville, Manhattan, Brooklyn, San Francisco, New Jersey, Down the Jersey Shore, Nevada, California, Montana, New Mexico and many other cities and towns across the US. Also International with Go Indie TV Roku Channel in the UK, Canada and The USA.
Bongo Boy TV is filling the void on Television that MTV once dominated.

Referral by Starlight Music Chronicles coming on Bongo Boy TV Barley Station music video “Younger Summer Memories” aka winner of the BEST MUSIC VIDEO – Americana /Rock won Best Video Award by the Akademia Music Awards to American Television.  (And the song itself won Best Song Award as well in Feb 2015)

Music Video Director: Poppy Zhu


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Damaged Goods


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Damaged Goods: Featuring the award winning song "10 Nights" and "Younger Summer Memories"

  1. 1
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    [Info] 10 Nights 03:57
  2. 2
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    Damaged Goods 04:28
  3. 3
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    No Breaking Ground 04:28
  4. 4
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    Rain When you Go 04:08
  5. 5
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    [Info] Safe Return 05:22
  6. 6
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    [Info] Younger Summer Memories 03:32
  7. 7
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    Never Leave 04:41
  8. 8
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    [Info] Medusa 04:33
  9. 9
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    Mr. Rain 03:23
  10. 10
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    [Info] Through Damaged Doors (bare vo 01:50
  11. 11
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    Goodnight Mary 03:01
BARLEY STATION is a band whose music combines
the roots of Americana, Pop/Rock, Country, and Folk
and puts them in a blender with a dash of amaretto
pouring out a tasty glass of contagious sound! 
The result is a distinctly alternative blend that
draws deeply from its roots yet looks forward
and to the future. 

PR Contact: 

"Barley Station’s award winning song ‘10 NIGHTS’
is already at the top of the radio charts. A hybrid
work of Americana, Pop/Rock, County and Folk,
their evocative vocals and mastery of
instrumentation are attracting fans all over the world."

Greycastle News Corporation

 "As avid music lovers we find such dedication to
artistic sound and inspired lyrics to be rare in
today's world."

Mr. George Duffy and DR. Rev. Tiffany West

"...where 'After All' got their foot in the door,
'Damaged Goods' should see them push on through."- 5 out of 5 Stars

Rob F. - Leicester Bangs

"Can't find a song on the album that is not good, so definitely 5 stars!"
- Olaf Christiansen - Host of New Country Show

“Rootsy alternative country at its best"
 - Music Dish Journal

"There is so much to like about this
 band, I’m not sure where to start."

"Barley Station's eclectic brand of rock,
country and folk music will give fans of
those genres something to talk about."
 - I Am Entertainment Magazine

Behind the scenes: From the making of the video for Younger Summer Memories

Posted by Barley Station on Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Music Review on the talented Naomi Psalm written by our very own Randy Wayne Belt on "Randy's Blog" and now getting...

Posted by Barley Station on Saturday, May 30, 2015
Winner of Best Song in Country/Pop Rock - '10 Nights':
"'Textured vocals, evocative lyrics and sublime acoustic
instrumentation make this Country/Pop Rock
song an instant smash."”
— The Akademia, The Akademia Music Awards

Winner of Best Song in Americana/Pop:
'Younger Summer Memories':
"'With whimsical poetic lyrics, exceptional vocals
and tight production, Barley Station delivers this
feel-good Pop Americana anthem with
skill and originality."
The Akademia - The Akademia Music Awards

Thank you to the lovely and talented Jacqueline Jax AVA LIVE Radio for the write up and kind words! :) Enjoying the...

Posted by Barley Station on Sunday, April 12, 2015
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